Membership is open to all gay and bisexual men who have children from adoption, marriage, surrogacy, or other arrangements.  We welcome all of their partners, friends, or anyone who supports the mission and core values of the organization. 

Gay or bisexual men without children coming out of straight marriages, or looking to start a family through adoption or surrogacy, may find the experiences of GFC members helpful and are welcome to attend meetings and are encouraged to join the organization as well. 


GFC RVA requests members to make an annual donation to the organization of $30/year. 


GFC RVA is a ​501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, and the funds are used to defray operating costs such as this web page, social media and advertising, and event sponsorships.

Donations are tax deductible and can be made online through PayPal by clicking the link below.